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Florida Veterans MPC's Purpose

This page provides information on services and programs for veterans, their families and other users of the Florida Veterans Multi-Purpose Center.

October, 2007 will mark the eighteenth year of operation for the Florida Veterans Multi-Purpose Center. The Center is funded entirely buy the generous donations of over 2000 caring businesses and citizens of Florida who have made the choice to support veteran causes through the Center. A full financial accounting of our organization is found on our DONATION PAGE.

What is the Center?
The Florida Veterans Multi Purpose Center is a specialized, FREE, statewide Veterans' service organization that has full tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code since 1991. It occupies a 2 acre office and arena and provides Florida Veterans and their families with a variety of services, including but not limited to:

  • Equine Assisted Therapy for veterans and families.

  • Referrals to public, private, and government organizations that can best serve the veteran.

  • Transitional Housing (separate VMPC owned facility)
    VA related claims assistance

  • Funding for food and special needs projects

  • Peer Counseling

    And more!

See our "Direct Services" listed below for more details.

Who makes up the VMPC staff?
VMPC staff is made up of qualified veterans with years of experience working with veterans. (Our Executive Director has been with us for the entire 18 years.) They provide a wide range of on-site and off-site programs and counseling for war and service-related conditions including but not limited to substance abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and homelessness. Our volunteer staff is made up of qualified civilians and veterans who are dedicated to helping veterans' causes.

Who can use the VMPC?
Veterans of all conflicts and peacekeeping operations, veteran family members, partners of veterans, ex-service personnel and current serving members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard.

VA entitlement is not required to access the service but eligibility to use the service must be verified. If you have any questions about your eligibility to access VMPC, contact our office directly at 954-791-8603

What DIRECT services does the VMPC provide to veterans?

  • Provides information, education, and need assessments that pertain to veteran issues

  • Provides professional referrals to public, private, and government sector organizations

  • Provides Transitional Housing for veterans in recovery (up to two years in our Center owned facilities)

  • Provides VA compensation claim assistance

  • Provides meal certificates and food funding for veterans in need

  • Provides free in home volunteer maintenance and repair service to elderly or disabled veterans

  • Provides peer counseling

  • Provides a crisis Time out program for veterans experiencing family conflict. This is a program that provides safe housing for up to five days while a conflict resolution plan is devised

  • Provides an outreach program to rural and remote areas to locate and assist the homeless veteran

  • Provides bus tokens to veterans needing transportation for medical or job related trips

  • Provides personal hygiene kits to homeless veterans

  • Provides a free mailing address and phone call message service for veterans in transit

  • Provides donated furniture and clothing to veterans and families in need

  • Provides assistance in filing for food stamps, SSI, SSDI

  • In a friendly and safe setting, staff and volunteers help veterans address issues in their lives with the aim of finding effective solutions for an improved quality of life.

Information, education and community support

VMPC provides information and education on health and welfare issues that affect veterans and their families. VMPC also assists the veteran community to identify needs and get access to services in the broader community.

We remain actively involved in veteran related community activities such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day services, as well as Veteran affairs meetings, Homeless Coalition meetings, and Homeless Veteran Stand Down Days.

Confidentiality and privacy in VMPC
Your rights to confidentiality and privacy are important to us and every effort is made to ensure that interviews are confidential.

Notes on interviews and records of attendance are kept so we can provide you with appropriate professional help and for planning and evaluation of our services.

VMPC records are stored securely. Access by staff within the VMPC is on the basis of need. Information from your records will not be released to the Department of Veterans Affairs without your permission, though records of attendance may be provided to the Department to support your claim.

Generally, information about you is not accessible by any other State agencies without your permission. In exceptional circumstances, it is possible that information may be released where disclosure is required or authorized by law. This would only occur where your safety or the safety of others is involved or in response to a court subpoena.

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