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Florida Veterans Equine Assisted Therapy Program:

What people are saying...

Equine therapy is awesome! It's heartwarming to see such a program set up and run by apparently dedicated individuals who love their horses and respect the veterans. Best of luck to them all! 

Jo D. (angelacreshorsehaven)

I rescue horses and can completely understand the connection. I think Will Rogers once said, "there is something about the outside of horse that's good for the inside of a man." Horses are extremely therapeutic and wonderful and we would be honored to give this group one of our rescue horses, we currently have 11 horses in therapeutic riding programs around the country!


Katie W. (blueslusher48)

This is a great way to help these soldiers deal with stress and memories that no one else can even imagine.


Kimberly F. (kimframpton)

Back in the saddle again!! A great story.


Vicki T. (LuvYourPets)

This is a great story. So many of our soldiers are coming back with PTSD and other mental problems, it's nice to see that animals are being recognized as being helpful in situations like this.


Kate H. (dixiepets)

Just goes to show that therapy animals come in all sizes.


Andrea l. (leathera)

Wow! This is so amazing! I have been interested in equine facilitated therapy but the programs are still few and far between. I love that this is getting more interest and people are beginning to believe that it works! Keep it up!


Lynn C. (MEKOMO)

First off, Sam the horse is an Arabian. My favorite and he looks a lot like my boy Billy. ( I will get pictures up soon) I just love programs like this. I have heard of many heartwarming stories that included a horse and someone who needed a big neck to cry on. It is unbelievable what a horse can do for you mentally and physically. I can not tell you how many times I have turned to my equine buddies for comfort. When my dad passed away a few years ago, all I wanted to do was go for a ride. They are wonderful animals that I am lucky enough to have in my life.



Horses are great therapy animals. I used to be an OT & lots of my patients have benefited from equine therapy. They're amazing animals. I had horses my entire life. They seem to have a sixth sense about things & they're so patient. I'm glad they're able to help the troops.


Vicki T. (LuvYourPets)

Nitewisp, good for you! It's nice to hear that we have such dedicated zootooer's as you!


Diane (AnimalAvenger)

I loved this. How fantastic horses can be used as therapy pets. This is just precious! I hope horses are used more & more for this. Horses are so beautiful!


Sydney S. (yukibaby16)

What a neat program!


Barbara G. (barbara126)

Horses are so big and scare a lot of people. But they are so beautiful and just a joy to watch. I have had 5 in my lifetime and each one has taught me something. It great that the troops can be helped by them when they come home


Barbara G. (barbara126)

what a great experience for this family. One they will never forget


Carol L. (langsford)

I enjoyed the article. This is the first I have read about horses as Therapy animals. We have always known that a dogs have been used many times for the elderly in nursing homes, for ill children in hospitals, shut ins in their homes. I think it is great to see this working with our returning veterans. Heartwarming story.



I am so glad they are finding ways to help the veterans returning from the war. It saddens me what they go through. I think animals can make a big difference in their lives.


Elizabeth R. (ereyes)

That is so great. More proof that animals can heal our souls.


Stephanie W. (Steffy416)

I have always been a advocate to using horses for therapy. I am so glad that they are using it to help those who just got back from war. I have seen first hand how this help. My husband returned from Iraq in September and we own horses. It helps him so much to relieve stress and just help heal while he is on a trail ride. I hope they keep program going for a long time.



What a great program!


Melody (MelodyJ)

This is such a wonderful story! I can attest to the healing bond of horses and animals! I hope this program makes gains all across the country for our returning soldiers. They deserve all of the help that they can get in healing and getting over the war. And horses can surely do that! Hippotherapy has already made gains in so many ways. A win-win situation would be to use horses that are in need of homes/adoption. It would help the horse and help the soldier!


Shari K. (Shari225)

Horses really can heal so much. I think this is a great program.


Kate H. (keh611)

What a nice Story! Animals can help us in so many more ways than we realize.


Sally B. (WASHshelter)

Here you have again creatures of the animal kingdom helping the downtrodden emotionally. It just amazes me, the power they have to calm those who desperately need relief as in this case



This is awesome, I love these kinds of stories. Horses are amazing animals and I'm glad they're helping these people. To me they are a lot more comforting than people.


Courtney F. (xCourtneyx)

Wow, the things horses can do to and for people!


Brea (Brea1)

Horses are such great therapy animals! I love horses


Cheryl (cherries33)

It's great that the horse are able to provide some comfort and support to the returning vets. Probably the WW2 vets were the only ones that have treated well upon their return. The Gulf vets are probably returning to the least government support or health care than any vets in our history. It's great that some of them have this center to help.



What a great program. Animals can do so much for humans.


Brian D. (briannikki)

What a great idea


Rhonda S. (rondarella)

I wonder if they have tried therapy with other animals? Not every Vet will have access to horses in his/her area, and horses are so expensive to maintain. I wish there were more programs like this.


Jennifer S. (kotterpotter)

Sounds like a great program. I am sure that the horses are very theraputic for the soldiers who are coming back. After all of the chaos and uncertainty the soldiers have experienced over seas, I am sure that this program is a welcomed activity.


Karen B. (crazycasey)

what a great program. I used to help with an equine program locally, and we had several disabled children. It was so fun going to the local Special Olympics with them. Its amazing how well disable children can take control over riding a horse, and they get such a great feeling of accomplishment by doing it. Even if they do have someone side walking with them. Great Story...



Doing something to help vets now is so much better than waiting a decade or more. This type of therapy won't help everyone but if it keeps a a few from ending up with substance abuse problems and/or homeless then it is a huge success


Mary G. (Norton)

No matter the war, any man or woman who has participated in the horror that is battle has to be traumatized. After all it is your duty and your goal to take another person's life. Because of our diverse natures it is harder for some than others to adjust to civilian life. Using the animal-human bond to help heal our fine young men and women is smart and surely effective. We of humankind all too often fail to communicate totally and honestly with our fellow beings, but will give our trust and hearts to our four-legged friends. The Equine Therapy Program is an innovative step in the right direction. Our returning veterans deserve only the best that we can offer them!


Brea (Brea1)

I agree


Patricia C. (lovepuppy227)

What a wonderful program! Keep it up!


Rachel E. (Ladybug8)

Programs like this are WONDERFUL and SO needed. Animals have a special gift of being able to reach the very heart of people, and with that awesome connection, they help them to heal mentally, emotionally, etc. The bond between humans and animals is just beyond belief...but it's one of the most precious gifts ever, and I'm thoroughly thrilled that they're using it to help those in need, particularly our troops.


Brea (Brea1)

I agree with you. I hope more animal therapy programs become available for everyone who needs it.


Debby (zennla)

That is great.. win win situation.. the horses have the care, exercise and attention they need and the people have the experience and healing through the exercises..


Katie L. (dogkitt)

That's a great story! I love this kind of stories.


Sue G. (wingett)

So glad the horses are helping our troops, to bond with a horse is something special and gives a kind of peace of mind. It has got to be a traumatic experience of there and to come home and get help using animals has got to help. Great job for the horses.


Debbie (Shortcircuit)

I love these kinds of stories!


Kim H. (kimberh73)

This is so great. Animals can sometimes be a better friend to us than a human. They don't ask questions or judge you. This will be a great help to these healing men.


Margie R. (margier8)

That's a great idea.


Kathleen H. (Draken)

I was pleased to see a positive article about horses and the troops. I really hope that the military can continue to support and expand these types of problems. We know that the troops coming home are stressed and need adjustment time which animals help with. Hopefully we learned something from the pain surrounding the vets of Vietnam.


Jana s. (flowerhead910)

LOVE this! Our animals help in so many ways.


Andie L. (AndieL)

What a nice way to get therapy; much better than a doctor's office, I'm sure. I love these stories about animals helping people.


Brea (Brea1)

I love these kind of stories too.



Another great program and wonderful idea.


Michele G. (SixGunnRanch)

What a wonderful program! There is a ranch nearby that uses horses to reach special needs children. We need our animals more than they need us.



This is really heartwarming. Animals have been able to help so many people with emotional and physical problems. I know of a sanctuary that helps abused children and abused animals come together to heal each other. In nursing homes animals help make the lives of the residents better. Even prisoners have been rehabilitated by taking care of animals. There are just too many examples to mention. The blessings of our animal friends are awesome!


Melissa and Bossie F. (memphisfields)

In the 1st Cavalry Division we have an entire Horse Detachment. The men and women who are in this detachment take their horses vary seriously. I would too, I understand how therapeutic it is to have any animal as a companion. Back in the early times of the Army, horses were your battle buddy, they kept you alive and you kept them alive.


T (Terrin)

This is great!!!! Horses are such wonderful therapy animals! I wish the Vietnam Vets were treated with the respect that the new vets are treated with. Would have been a lot less suicides and anger. I think this program will benefit all of society. Let's here it for our vets helping vets! OOOOOOORRAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


Patty (mikkizmom)

I was thinking the same about the Nam vets. This is a good program to have but unfortunately I haven't heard of it being a cross country thing and not all are in the area. I currently know of vets from the current "war" that are having the same problems/issues that our Vietnam vets have had. They are having a very difficult time readjusting to their lives back here at home.


Brea (Brea1)

I've heard about people against the war taking out their anger on disabled and injured vets. That is so not the way to do it. They are heartless, ruthless, waste of air people!


Dusty (dvrkennels)

This is such a touching story.Horses can be great healers



Michele (MicheleZ)

"It sounds so simple to return home and--being so grateful just t"


T (Terrin)

"This is great!!!! Horses are such wonderful therapy animals! I "


Jana S. (flowerhead910)

"LOVE this! Our animals help in so many ways."

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